Noddy’s Puncture – A Tribute to ELP

February 27, 2022
7:30 pm
Bilston, UK
The Robin
The Robin
Noddy’s Puncture – A Tribute to ELP
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Noddy’s Puncture – “The Complete Emerson, Lake and Palmer Experience”… so-called because they are the only tribute to ELP out there giving fans the full and complete ELP extravaganza. They pride themselves on not only giving their audience the aural experience but also, just as importantly, the visual..!

From using original, authentic equipment… Hammond organ, Leslie’s, Moog Modular – ‘complete’ with the on-stage organ and ribbon controller antics, to the synthesizer percussion, Gong and the mouth-operated bell to even the obligatory Persian rug and (sometimes) the use of a quadraphonic PA system – the only things missing are the revolving drum riser and the spinning piano. But they are working on it..!

It was Keith Emerson himself who endorsed the band saying:

“Noddy’s Puncture may have a humorous band name but under the auspices of Tom Szakaly’s attention to detail it becomes very serious.  The band have certainly captured the sound of Emerson, Lake and Palmer.”

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