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Karibow (Germany)

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Advance Ticket Price: £15.00 Door Price: £16.00
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Karibow (Germany)+ support Half Past Four (Canada)

Karibow were founded by multi-instrumentalist Oliver Rüsing (* 8 February 1969) in winter 1996/97.

Originally starting as a six-piece band, Karibow's
early work was influenced by different kinds of rock music the band combined to create their own progressive style.

In 1999 Karibow had practically become a two person music enterprise and the remaining Rüsing/Fehmer duo had confined themselves to studio work and their involvement in multiple audio productions. In the same year, Karibow's first development phase came to an end with the release of the neo-progressive concept album "Three Times Deeper" whereupon the band mainly focused on writing melodic rock music at the beginning of the new century. Therefore, "Tribe" (2000) and "Tribal Avenue" (2001) turned out to be far less experimental than Karibow's earlier productions and were both classified as melodic mainstream rock with some progressive elements.

In 2002 keyboard and piano player Berthold Fehmer decided to leave Karibow to concentrate on his second progressive rock project Junk Farm which he had founded in 2001.

From 2003 to 2005 Rüsing produced cinematic music for the "Ayganyan Project I". The experimental movie required dramatic compositions based on layered atmospheric soundscapes Karibow eventually provided by the release of the "Ayganyan Project I" soundtrack in 2006. A second revisited edition was released in 2007 and Karibow hereby closed a circle refering back to the project's musical past which had always been strongly influenced by electronic music: No acoustic instruments were used during the recording process of the album. In 2005 Karibow also produced their only musical piece in German language entitled "Besser" which was later released as an EP. The title track was re-recorded again in English ("Better") to become part of the album "A History of Inorganic Talk".

Progressive rock turned back into Karibow's music by the time the concept album "A History of Inorganic Talk" came out in 2007.
Shortly afterwards, the album was followed by two EPs entitled "Inorganic Talk (Acoustic)" (2008) and "Hollow Be My World II" (2009). Both CDs contained acoustic versions of songs that could already be found on previous albums, but both records additionally included some crossover progressive tracks of again more complex nature. At that time, Karibow only sporadically appeared live on stage doing a few unplugged gigs every now and then. Aside from his studio work, Rüsing also performed live playing experimental electronic compositions as a solo artist using an enhanced electronic drum kit and digital sampling technology.

After the release of "Man of Rust" and the first German Rock and Pop Award at the end of 2011, Rüsing revived the idea of Karibow as a six-piece band fifteen years after their original foundation in 1996. In the period that followed, the studio project was complemented by a live band. Initially struggling with an inconstant line up, Karibow's public live representation was eventually established as a group of permanent members including Markus Bergen (keyboards), Gerald Nahrgang (drums), Oliver Rüsing (vocals, guitars), Christopher Thomas (guitars, vocals) and Thomas Wischt (bass). In November 2014 Karibow's sixteenth studio album "Addicted" aroused more public interest than any earlier Karibow release and the band finally got caught by the radar of the prog music scene. During the "Addicted" production and mastering process, Rüsing cooperated with Eroc, formerly drummer of German band Grobschnitt.

In January 2016 Karibow signed to the German progressive label "Progressive Promotion Records". When the new double album "Holophinium" came out one in April 2016, it was enthusiastically welcomed by the international progressive rock audience. The album features several contributions from well-reputed musicians like e.g. SAGA vocalist Michael Sadler, Australian keyboardist Sean Timms (Unitopia/Southen Empire), British-Swedish guitarist Colin Tench (CTP) and German singer Karsten Stiers (Errorhead). In April 2016 Karibow toured with SAGA performing parts of their live set together with Michael Sadler. Due to the increasing demand for the earlier recordings, Karibow started a series of reissues by re-releasing a special edition of "Man of Rust" in October 2016 including four yet unreleased bonus tracks. Shortly afterwards, Rüsing announced the reissue of the whole Karibow back catalogue in the coming years.

Some sources describe Karibow as a one man project rather than a band. However, the structure of Karibow has both project and band characteristics. Besides being the main musician and producer, Rüsing does all the writing and studio arrangements. Then again, all members of the live band are equally responsible for the live arrangements. In the past, members of Karibow had pointed out the efficiency and productiveness made possible by such a division of tasks. In April

Advance Ticket Price: £15.00 Door Price: £16.00
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