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The Rutles Major Happy Tour 2018 (AS)

Monday 21 May 2018

Advance Ticket Price: £19.50 Door Price: £22.50
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The Rutles Major Happy Tour 2018 (AS)+ support
All seated show

The Rutles have announced details of a rare UK tour to take place in May, 2018.

Widely known as the "Pre-Fab Four", The Rutles have also been called a "Beatles parody group", a charge which has been strenuously denied.

The Rutles were originally formed as a spoof by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band songwriter and musical genius Neil Innes and Monty Python’s Eric Idle for a sketch in the cult TV show ‘Rutland Weekend Television’. The Rutles went on to star in the film ‘All You Need Is Cash (The Rutles)’, which also features cameos from George Harrison, John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, and Bill Murray.

Their best-known songs include ‘I Must Be In Love’, ‘Cheese And Onions’, ‘Piggy in the Middle’, and ‘With A Girl Like You’.

The Rutles’ Major Happy Tour begins in May 2018.

It is revealed that his alter-ego Ron Nasty and drummer John Halsey (known as Barrington Womble – or Barry Wom, for short) will be the two original members of the group taking part in the shows. As everyone knows, two out of four isn’t bad, especially when the two in question are joined onstage by three incredibly talented musicians…

They will be bringing their own unique brand of musical "Pork Pies" to the beleaguered and bewildered British Isles. No other "Tribute" band distributes joy or writes their own songs or tops the charts of "Make Believe" quite like these jolly foot-tapping Economists of Truth.

By "Popular Demand", these Grandees of Delusion will be Taking Back Control of Bare-Faced Fibbing, saluting the Sovereignty of Silliness and ceremoniously reinstating the Obvious.

Indeed, such is the Will of the People that [do-re-mi] so far — more or less than 50% of them are already buying tickets in advance! WOW!

WHY? Because they don’t want to miss the chance to:
• DANCE about to the Beat of Bogus Celebrity
• SINGALONG to the Melodies of Monstrous Mendacity
• INAPPROPRIATELY FEEL the Harassment of Happy People
• SEE "Barry Wom" take his kit off at the end of the show!

So HURRY – and bring your own toys — if you want to join in all the "Fun of the Fairytale" — coming to a sandpit near YOU!

The Rutles are:

An "incredible" time is guaranteed for all!

Advance Ticket Price: £19.50 Door Price: £22.50
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