Marquee Square Heroes

February 15, 2024
7:30 pm
Wolverhampton, UK
The Robin
The Robin
Marquee Square Heroes
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Bush Telfer (Marquee Owner) December 2022:

“Brilliant performance, it takes me back to the Marquee days, when we booked Marillion Christmas and New Years Eve shows”


Gray Ham Prog magazine September 4th 2021:

Fantastic debut gig last night by Marquee Square Heroes in the Rolleston in Swindon. When the band arrived to set up, things seemed against them. The stage was tiny (for a 6 piece) to play on and the promoter had put a seasoned Iron Maiden tribute on in the larger basement of the same venue.

I have known Mark Colton (vocals) for 30 years, and have seen him perform with many bands all over the UK. I also consider him a very good friend. I’ve heard him referred to in UK prog circles as the cockney Fish. It’s as much about Marks ability to work a audience as his vocal styIe. He is a singer of songs and a teller of stories . I had no doubt he would do the Fish thing brilliantly and indeed he did. They played everything from Script, Charting The Single , Three Boats Down From The Candy and for the encores we got Grendel then Pseudo Silk Kimono/Kayleigh/Lavender and Blue Angel. Such was the demand from the enthralled and enthusiastic audience they came back on again and played He Knows You know and Garden Party again. ( as they ran out of rehearsed material )

The quality of the musician-ship was great , for me the high point was when Robin their guitarist launched into the Chelsea Monday solo and I felt the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I’ve heard many folk try and do a Rothery over the years , often it’s too clean, or fails to catch the emotion ,getting lost in the technical. Robin played this solo and indeed all the solos note perfectly but more importantly he didn’t lose the ballsy attack that Rothery had in his youth when playing these wonderful tracks. Marquee Square Heroes played early Marillion with dare I say that slight punk edge that they had back in the day. Many argue it was this that made them stand out from the rest of the neo-prog crowd.

There are not many UK Marillion tributes . I’m sure there is loads of space for Marquee Square Heroes . I look forward to seeing them again in the not to distant future. In a bigger venue.

Audience Member Marlborough April 2023:

“Great gig and so great to hear all those amazing songs again. Assassing was a highlight … and Grendel was just …. wow .. what a guitarist Robin is . See you next time guys ….”

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